Improving Healthcare Resource Utilization Through Better Business Solutions

Optometric Provider Solutions  is a subsidiary of Morlock- Noren. OPS specializes in optometric and ophthalmological billing services.

About Us

Our Team

We are experts in medical billing.

At Morlock-Noren,LLC we proactively manage denials and aggressively pursue outstanding claims. Our compliance division helps protect those earnings from financial fines, penalties or revenue loss associated with noncompliance or poor business practices.

We allow your office to grow.

With Morlock-Noren, you get medical billing services that focus on making it easier for you to measure your success. By using Allscripts Professional Practice Managment Software this allows you to track, measure and manage your money and resources in real time. Better data will empower you to make better decisions today and more accurate forecasts for tomorrow. 

Through advanced IT solutions, we can serve clients anywhere in the Unites States. Whether your practice is around the corner or across the country, we can provide personal service with a regular on-site presence that is unique in the industry.

Michele Morlock, BSN, JD, has over 30 years of combined experience in the legal, business and clinical aspects of healthcare administration, compliance and operations.

Melissa Noren, BA, brings extensive healthcare information technology experience, including software implementation, project management and HIPAA compliance.

Kathy Mayer, CPC, has over twenty-five years of coding and billing experience with multiple specialty groups.

John Newman, BS, MBA, CPOC, EA, has over fifteen years of finance, tax and accounting experience, specializing in business management and accounting for medical practices.